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Aviendo Natural and Beautipedia

Here at Aviendo Towers we’ve spent the past few months working on a new website, aviendonatural.com, which includes our very own ‘Beautipedia’. As you might infer from the name, this is a bit like an encyclopedia of how to be beautiful, but we’re not talking surface beauty of course. We are placing a focus on nature, beauty from what you eat and do – the lifestyle you live – the Scandinavian way. But more about that to follow…

What’s new?

We’re offering FREE DELIVERY – yes that’s right – to all EU countries, plus Greenland, Norway, Switzerland. And for those of you outside of the EU, delivery is only 3€, no matter how much you order.

Our product pages are much easier to navigate and use than before. From the main product page you can see all of them at once, or quickly sort them at the top to your preference. We’ve also got some special offers for buying certain combinations of products – be sure to check these out too!

Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 17.59.46 copy

Oh, and we rephotographed all the of the products so you can see them in all their glory. Though you will notice some of our bottles have inner reflective surfaces which are near impossible to photograph – we challenge you to try! They’re pretty in real life though.

A few other new additions to the product pages: sharing buttons for facebook, twitter and pinterest, related products show up so you can browse around the site a little easier and the ‘Additional Information’ tab where you can find out how to use the product, all the ingredients and the volume of the bottle. We are also working on translating all of our descriptions into Danish, so keep an eye out for that!

Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 18.04.51 copy

And you’ll see on each product page whether the product in question contains particular ingredients in our Beautipedia. Then you’ll be able to navigate directly to that ingredient’s page in the Beautipedia and see what particular benefit it contributes to skin health.


On the Beautipedia, not only can you discover tips for keeping your skin healthy, we’ve also got a beautiful ingredients bible, so you can understand a little bit more about the bizarre latin names on the label of your natural skincare bottles!

Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 18.09.48 copy

We’re also starting a blog, you can read our first post ‘What is Natural Skincare‘ here. And in relation to that, we’ve set up a Medium profile, where we’ll post all articles we write for any of our business lines (Fairy Tales, Natural, Gourmet) just because Medium is a beautiful place to write and to read!

And finally…

The site works on mobile, tablet, you name it (with a screen and internet) so you can shop and browse Beautipedia on whichever device you prefer.

Don’t forget to checkout the film we made over summer in line with the launch of our new site!