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Blog posts How design affects people's lifestyle

No matter what the context might be, effective design can significantly boost your overall quality of life. Every day, our lifestyle is affected by design, whether you know it or not. From the objects we engage with to the websites that we browse, design helps you to engage, communicate and inspire, as well as influencing your mood and behaviour.

Design is all around us, impacting everything we do. It is in our homes, at work, in your local community and even in the games you play. Many people mistakenly think that design is simply about making things look good, but it is much more than that. Good design can enrich your life, by delivering knowledge or improving how you engage with or use a product. Bad design, on the other hand, can lead to you wasting time and can even be dangerous.

Two key questions that every designer asks themselves ahead of a project is what the problem they are trying to solve is and who the end-user is. With these two questions, they can help to make things more intuitive and user-friendly.

At Aviendo, design is very important to us and inspires everything that we produce. Our team of talented Danish artisans utilise intricate design to create a range of beautiful products that can help to inspire your life.

We utilise design to help our customers enjoy a more sustainable lifestyle.  Our beautifully crafted products are made from non-toxic wood grown in sustainable forests, while the silicone we use contains no chemical fillers or by-products, ensuring is safe for use with food and can be 100% recycled. This sustainable design continues in the fully recyclable stainless steel we use, and even features in our packaging too! Check out our full range of products here.

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Yes, the design of the spaces for the inspiration of the people

Carl Williams July 15, 2021

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