With Aviendo's strong values - "To Enrich and Inspire" we create products that not only meet a need, but enlighten your life.
That is why we created the Fairy Tales collection - "Connecting generations" inspired by Danish design and tradition, and created to bring joy and spark the hearts and minds of young children, parents and grandparents, everywhere.TheNightingale all colours grey terracota black rose cloud sunglow green
The wooden figures The Ugly Duckling, The Nightingale and The Dog - with eyes the size of teacups - are elegant design objects, created by skilled Danish craftsmen and designers. Timeless products that last due to classic, excellent design and craftsmanship ensures that the products are passed on to the next generations.
The beautifully illustrated books bring Hans Christian Andersen’s world-famous fairy tales to life, in modern retelling, and with questions included for each of the book's chapters, so that the values ​​and morals of the story can be discussed between children and parents or grandparents.

With the table flagpole - which can move - we celebrate birthdays,
anniversaries, or just the joys and uniqueness of everyday life.

Aviendo uses non-toxic wood from sustainable forestry, recyclable brass and stainless steel, and BPA-free silicone in food quality. DGUV test certified natural oil, and with Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified packaging .


The Duckling Big Design Figure Green Feet

Hans Christian Andersen, world-famous fairy tale poet, is one of the golden writers of European literature. His tales deal with human existence, acceptance and true beauty.

Aviendo's Fairy Tales Collection pays homage to these legendary fairytales and connects them with modern design and aesthetics.

Through words and pictures, Hans Christian Andersen's wisdom brought to life in a modern version. Select the books in several different languages.

The Ugly Duckling
An interactive piece of design, where you can create an infinite number of expressions by simply twisting the beak or moving the body.

Combined with the wooden gameboard - which also serves as a book cover - we connect children and adults through questions and answers to each chapter of the book.

The Duckling is available in two sizes, in beech or walnut, or rubber wood, and with the beak in brass or copper. Choose the feet in black, or one of the five beautiful colours Burgundy, Green, Warm Gray, Dewkist or Rose Cloud.

The Dog Walnut Eyes Tinderbox Design Figure

The Dog

With eyes as big as teacups, from the fairy tale The Tinderbox, can assume different expressions by simply turning his head.

The Dog in beech is available with eyes in several materials - choose walnut, brass or stainless steel.

The Nightingale
Not only acts as an elegant design object, but also functions as a flute. It brings joy to both children and adults, the design figure alone or in interaction with reading the book. Select your favourite Nightingale in black, or one of the five trendy colours Terracotta, Sunglow, Midnight Blue, Rose Cloud or Cool Gray.

Table Flag
The lively & moveable table flag, 30 cm tall, comes in two versions - walnut / brass or beech / stainless steel. Choose from 10 different flags.
“Connecting Generations”! Many hours of fun and joy for young children, parents and grandparents, together with reading the books, or e.g. the theatre display alone.


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