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Vi er hos Aviendo Gourmet stolte af at kunne præsentere vores nye lille ”påskekylling”

Hver æske indeholder 100 gram af vores dejlige Gourmet økologisk og Fairtrade chokolade, glutenfri og GMO-fri. Du kan som kunde vælge hvilken af de 9 varianter du ønsker hver æske skal indeholde. Vælg mellem:

Jordbær, Hindbær, Ingefær, Goji bær, Græskarkerner, Tranebær, Kirsebær, Inca bær eller Berry booster (en blandet pakke bestående af 3 forskellige bær).

Aviendo Gourmet er økologiske bær overtrukket med økologisk og Fairtrade chokolade. Hvert bær er nøje udvalgt, er fyldt med vitaminer og antioxidanter, og Aviendo bruger kun de bedste råvarer. Alle ingredienser er økologisk dyrket og certificeret, og er glutenfri og GMO-fri. Hvert bær er overtrukket med 200-300 fine tynde lag økologisk Fairtrade chokolade, og er fri for overflødige kalorier. Hver bid er en smagsoplevelse.

Fire fantastiske messedage

Formland design messe 2-5 februar 2017 – på Instagram med ”Den Grimme Ælling” fra Aviendo Fairy Tales

Interview for Danish TM magazine

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“Passion is the most important word. You know, to do something that you care about without thinking too much about the business side of the company. Of course, the business should be financially viable, but that’s not supposed to be the primary driving force for us,” says Anders Nielsen, CEO of Aviendo.
Aviendo is a family-owned Danish company with four offices around the globe, including Copenhagen. Divided into three separate brands, Aviendo’s ventures include natural skincare, organic chocolate and contemporary Danish design. According to Anders Nielsen, all three brands are united by three common values – quality, health and lifestyle.
At the same time, Nielsen and his team aim to enrich people’s lives, and inspire them to enrich the lives of others, hence the company’s motto: “To enrich and inspire”.
“The company was established as a reflection of our passions, while drawing on vast experience in several big multinational companies. With Aviendo, we wanted to create something that could grow from Denmark out into the world and leave a good impression for our descendants. At the same time, we had to find a common passion, but, apart from that, we supplement each other professionally. And then we have been quite careful to find young designers, employees and collaborators, who share the same passion for creating our products,” says Anders Nielsen.
Anders Nielsen and his wife Jo, who are both partners in the company, have tailored their business using know-how from bigger companies and combining this know-how with their passions. This know-how includes what you focus on, when you build a professional team and how your business plan can be well-aligned with what you want to do, Nielsen explains.
“It’s not a small version of a big company. It’s a start-up, where we have completely different challenges and work with different business models, but if we can use what we’ve learned in a big company, we will have an easier time being in this start-up,” says Anders Nielsen.
The prioritizing of great craftsmanship permeates all three business lines − to Nielsen and his team, it’s all about quality and creativity, something that just works, and has clean lines. At the same time, it must correspond with the overall mission of the company − and with Aviendo’s DNA − which is to be found in the before-mentioned motto: Nielsen states that Aviendo’s products must be long-lasting and thereby enrich and inspire future generations as well.
This ideology applies to all three business areas, and an obvious assumption would be that there must be some kind of synergy in the way the business is run.
“That’s something we’ve discussed a lot… whether to focus on separating them as three distinguished brands with the common denominator, ‘enrich and inspire’, or to combine them as one company with three different product categories. For now, we believe that these three different business lines are three different brands. In the future, the ambition is to ditch the division of the subsidiaries and engage our markets as one brand with multiple product categories. But that’s the future, and I currently believe the right choice is to keep the brands separated, because each business line should be consolidated as well as possible before joining them together – to make the whole business stronger,” Anders Nielsen argues, and finishes by underlining the personal importance of his engagement in the company:
“The steps we’ve taken to create something that will leave something for future generations to build on are essential to us. It’s about making a difference,” Nielsen ends.

New partnership with Purevitalis

Nyt samarbejde med Purevitalis

Aviendo Natural er glade for at kunne præsentere et nyt samarbejde med det tyske firma Purevitalis.

Pure Vitalis er en virksomhed, som lægger stor vægt på høj kvalitet, og sortimentet omfatter kun helseprodukter, der er fri for tilsætningsstoffer og syntetiske farvestoffer. Purevitalis er den førende leverandør inden for denne produktkategori i Tyskland. Administrerende direktør Prof. Dr. Thomas Jaschke udtaler: ”Vi er meget glade for at kunne tilbyde vores kunder en ny vifte af naturkosmetik, da vi tydeligt kan se, at efterspørgslen er støt stigende, og med Aviendo Naturals naturlige profil forudser vi, at dette bliver et fantastisk samarbejde”.

New partnership with Purevitalis

Aviendo Natural is pleased to announce a new partnership with the German company Purevitalis.

Purevitalis is a company that places great emphasis on high quality, and the range includes only health products that are free of additives and synthetic dyes. Purevitalis is the leading supplier in this product category in Germany. CEO Prof. Dr. Thomas Jaschke said: “We are very excited to offer our customers a new range of natural cosmetics, as we can clearly see that demand is steadily increasing, and with Aviendo Naturals natural profile, we predict that this will be a great collaboration. “

Samarbejde med Illums Bolighus

Samarbejde med Illums Bolighus


Vi er glade for at kunne præsentere vores nye samarbejde med Illums Bolighus! Illums Bolighus har netop vundet en Gia Award i Chicago ved et show, der hylder Hjem og Indretning. Illums Bolighus ligger således blandt de fem bedste, mest innovative og nytænkende detailbutikker inden for interior design i verden!

Vores eventyrlige figurer og kollektioner, ”Den Grimme Ælling” samt vores nye ”Nattergalen”, vil nu være at finde i Illums Bolighus på Amager Torv (Strøget), Lyngby Hovedgade, Københavns Lufthavn og i Tivoli.

We are proud to announce a new collaboration with Illums Bolighus in Copenhagen!

New cooperation with Illums Bolighus

We are pleased to announce our new cooperation with Illums Bolighus. Illums
Bolighus recently won the Gia Award in Chicago at a show that celebrates
Home and Interior. Illums Bolighus thus ranks among the five best and most
innovative retail stores within interior design in the world! Our Fairy Tale
characters and collections, “The Ugly Duckling” and our new “The
Nightingale”, will now be available in Illums Bolighus on Amagertorv
(Strøget), Lyngby Hovedgade, Copenhagen Airport, and in Tivoli.