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Celebrate Women with Aviendo Natural

“I am no bird; and no net ensnares me: I am a free human being with an independent will.”
― Charlotte Brontë, Jane Eyre

The earliest Women’s Day observance was held on February 28, 1909, in New York; it was organized by the Socialist Party of America in remembrance of the 1908 strike of the International Ladie’s Garment Workers Union.It was the following year (August 1910), here in our lovely Copenhagen, when an International Women’s Conference was organized. Inspired in part by the American socialists, German Socialist Luise Zietz proposed the establishment of an annual ‘International Woman’s Day’.


Do not get bored by this short history lesson, these were the founding stones of celebrating women as strong and unique beings. Beings, which lead countries, change history, break the rules and create new ones. Beings, which give life and care for it with their whole heart, beings we would like to celebrate for the entire week.

Whether as a present for yourself or a gift to the loved one we give everyone 40% off their shopping cart for the entire week starting today, 1st March 2015 until the International Women’s day, Sunday the 8th March 2015. Thank you for being you and inspiring us every day.

-Aviendo Natural

AVIENDOnatural NEW Blog Post


“Browsing endless shelves of a skincare shop can sometimes seem like a very overwhelming experience. Moisturisers, toners, day creams, night creams, eye creams, etc. How to know which ones you need, what they do, if they’re suited to your skin, and whether you need them all or not?!”


We share love!

10525502_961579330550909_1734991227_nAviendo Natural does not want to stay behind sharing love with all the lovely followers and subscribers we have been getting lately! To celebrate our new Instagram account and Valentine’s day we had a giveaway prepared for everyone. It has been running for a week and it we must say thank you to everyone who participated! Today, we have announced the winner, who was more than happy when she found out about her luck in our random draw selection. It was Katja  who was selected and we hope that our Anti- Pollution bundle serves her well and makes her skin happy during these cold February days in Copenhagen!

01And do not worry if you did not win this time, because we have many more fun activities planned for you this year!


Valentine’s Ducklings, 2 for the price of 1!

Valentine’s Day is upon us, a time for spending with loved ones. And no Duckling should be alone on Valentine’s Day, so we’re doing ‘Buy one get one free’ on all Ducklings throughout Valentine’s weekend….

You can claim the offer by ordering your two Ducklings on our Webshop, which has has a little Valentine’s revamp for the weekend! (Offer valid until midnight on Sunday 15th February, Central European Time.)

Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 09.52.25

Keep an eye on our Aviendo Fairy Tales social media profiles: (Facebook and Instagram) throughout the weekend where the Valentine’s Ducklings will be popping up quite a bit!

And here, for your enjoyment, a few photos of our Ducklings frolicking in the roses!















See the full Valentine’s Day photoshoot with the Ducklings here.

And Happy Valentine’s Day to you all!


The Duckling goes Global!

It’s been 5 months since we launched Aviendo Fairy Tales at the Danish Architecture Centre (see event details here) and it’s been a busy time for us indeed.

The Aviendo Fairy Tales Complete Collection is stocked by 26 shops in 4 European countries – Denmark, Germany, the UK and the Netherlands – and now The Duckling and co. are heading further afield, first to Taiwan, and soon, we hope, to Canada!

We have also made it even easier to to purchase The Collection and/or The Duckling on our webshop, delivery to anywhere in the EU (plus Greenland, Norway, Switzerland) is completely free. And for all other destinations, there is a flat rate of 9€. See our delivery details here.

You can find the Aviendo Fairy Tales Collection in the following shops:


United Kingdom





Should you be interested in stocking The Duckling and/or The Aviendo Fairy Tales collection in your shop, we’d love to hear from you! Send an email to, or contact us via another medium.

Danish Trade Council Taipei Christmas Bazaar, December 21 2014

Christmas is just around the corner and the happy Danish Christmas spirit is awakening in the Taipei office of the Danish Trade Council!

Last week, the Trade Council of Denmark, Taipei, hosted a Danish Christmas Bazaar in warm and pleasant surroundings with Danish Christmas decorations, music and atmosphere. The event gave visitors the opportunity to experience the famous Danish ‘julehygge’ while viewing the latest products and designs of famous Danish brands. Aviendo Fairy tales and Aviendo Natural were invited, along with Royal Copenhagen, George Jensen, Bo Concept, and others, to help bring the Danish holiday spirit into the Trade Council’s Taipei office.

Nothing can spark the holiday spirit like Christmas tales and stories, so we were very honoured when sections of the Aviendo Fairy Tales story were read out loud in English, Danish and Chinese, to set a fairy tale like beginning to the event, leaving both children and parents very excited and curious.

This years event was overall a very pleasant experience for us and we are already looking forward to keep up this new tradition and visit Danish Trade Council in Taipei next year again.

Scroll down to view several pictures from the event and visit their official web site through a link below for more information:

danish bazaar 06


Aviendo Natural and Beautipedia

Here at Aviendo Towers we’ve spent the past few months working on a new website,, which includes our very own ‘Beautipedia’. As you might infer from the name, this is a bit like an encyclopedia of how to be beautiful, but we’re not talking surface beauty of course. We are placing a focus on nature, beauty from what you eat and do – the lifestyle you live – the Scandinavian way. But more about that to follow…

What’s new?

We’re offering FREE DELIVERY – yes that’s right – to all EU countries, plus Greenland, Norway, Switzerland. And for those of you outside of the EU, delivery is only 3€, no matter how much you order.

Our product pages are much easier to navigate and use than before. From the main product page you can see all of them at once, or quickly sort them at the top to your preference. We’ve also got some special offers for buying certain combinations of products – be sure to check these out too!

Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 17.59.46 copy

Oh, and we rephotographed all the of the products so you can see them in all their glory. Though you will notice some of our bottles have inner reflective surfaces which are near impossible to photograph – we challenge you to try! They’re pretty in real life though.

A few other new additions to the product pages: sharing buttons for facebook, twitter and pinterest, related products show up so you can browse around the site a little easier and the ‘Additional Information’ tab where you can find out how to use the product, all the ingredients and the volume of the bottle. We are also working on translating all of our descriptions into Danish, so keep an eye out for that!

Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 18.04.51 copy

And you’ll see on each product page whether the product in question contains particular ingredients in our Beautipedia. Then you’ll be able to navigate directly to that ingredient’s page in the Beautipedia and see what particular benefit it contributes to skin health.


On the Beautipedia, not only can you discover tips for keeping your skin healthy, we’ve also got a beautiful ingredients bible, so you can understand a little bit more about the bizarre latin names on the label of your natural skincare bottles!

Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 18.09.48 copy

We’re also starting a blog, you can read our first post ‘What is Natural Skincare‘ here. And in relation to that, we’ve set up a Medium profile, where we’ll post all articles we write for any of our business lines (Fairy Tales, Natural, Gourmet) just because Medium is a beautiful place to write and to read!

And finally…

The site works on mobile, tablet, you name it (with a screen and internet) so you can shop and browse Beautipedia on whichever device you prefer.

Don’t forget to checkout the film we made over summer in line with the launch of our new site!

Love knows no Borders

On Sunday 19 October, together with the Royal Danish Embassy in Beijing,  we participated  at the International Charity Bazaar “Love knows No Borders”. The Bazaar was arranged by the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs with beneficiary being the minister’s wife Wang Yi and it was themed: “Bring New Hope to the Heart of Poor Kids in Mountainous Areas”. The charity enables children with heart diseases in rural areas to receive proper paediatric assistance that they so urgently need. 


It was the sixth year of the event and we are honoured to have been able to participate. The Danish booth was decorated with the red and white of our flag, and upon entrance, huge panda bears made out of lego welcomed all the curious visitors. We contributed with the Aviendo Natural and Gourmet products as prizes in the tombola, along with products from other Danish companies such as Carlsberg, Lego,  or Sunquick.


Each of us has something to offer. At the Danish Embassy we see it as our duty to help those who are in need, and we are happy that by participating in the charity bazaar we can actually make a difference.

– Friis Arne Petersen, the Danish Ambassador to China.

Denmark was joined by representatives from 91 other foreign embassies and international organisations in China as well as 14 domestic enterprises and public institutions that also participated in the event. Thousands of people from all circles participated. According to preliminary statistics, a donation of more than 2 million yuan (equivalent to 250,000euros) was raised in total, which means that this year, the children will be granted with more than doubled resources for the care they so urgently need. 

We are very happy for the success of this year’s Bazaar and look forward to cooperate and continue our charitable activities in Denmark and abroad.

Launch of Aviendo Fairy Tales

Ducklings and illustrations at the Aviendo Fairy Tales Launch Event

The official launch event for our second business line, Aviendo Fairy Tales, took place at the Danish Architecture Centre on 22nd August 2014, boasting Jacob Jensen as the guest of honour. Other notable guests included Rebecca Thandi Norman and Freya Mcomish of Scandinavia Standard and Anja Kolind, author of BoligBlog. We’ve written another lovely blog post just about this event, so if you’re curious, take a look!

You can take a dive into the wonderful world of Aviendo Fairy Tales here, but in the meantime, we’ll sum it up briefly for you.

Jo Nielsen and her granddaughter Fiona at the Aviendo Fairy Tales Launch Event
Jo Nielsen and her granddaughter Fiona at the Aviendo Fairy Tales Launch Event

Aviendo Fairy Tales came into existence in a world full of screen media, with children learning to text before they can even spell properly, reading books on tablet devices, and, some might say, becoming increasingly distanced from the physical world. But let’s not delve quite so deep into analysing the state of our digital age, let’s just say the Aviendo Fairy Tales collection aims to reconnect people – children and adults alike – with quality materials, storytelling,  and most importantly, each other.

The Ugly Duckling, The Complete Collection
The Ugly Duckling, The Complete Collection

Our first collection, The Ugly Duckling, consists of three complementary components:

The Duckling, a wooden figure designed by Mads Hanghøj and Mikkel Lang Mikkelsen. He is not only an iconic character in his own right, he also plays a key part in bringing the story to life when used together with the other components.

The Book and the story of The Ugly Duckling has been adapted, translated and published in four languages: Danish, English, German and Chinese, and is beautifully illustrated by Sara Lillie Gornitzka.

The Map is a wooden game board that corresponds to The Duckling’s journey in the story, and on which The Duckling can move along.

The Complete Collection is priced at 107,50€ and The Duckling on his own is 67,50€ (prices including VAT).