Aviendo Copenhagen

Table Flagpole


Table Flagpole, choice of Denmark, USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Japan, China and Brazil

With the table flag - which can move - we celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, or just the joys and unique events of everyday life. The flag can be easily changed to the flags of different countries

  • Designed by Magnus Jørgensen
  • Materials: Walnut and brass, or Beech and stainless steel
  • Wood: use of non-toxic wood from sustainable forestry to protect our environment
  • Stainless steel and brass that are not coated with any toxic material is 100% recyclable
  • Treated with Natural Oil: DGUV Test certified, EU-directives and other safety and health requirements, and ISO certified
  • Packaging: Forest Stewardship Council, FSC, certified
  • Danish flag cloth in organic cotton and silky embroidery / Other flags in durable synthetic fabric, two-sided
  • Specifications: 8.5cm D x 30cm H / Box size: 10 cm L / 8.5cm W / 33cm H
  • Weight: 200 gr. / 550 gr. with the box

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