The Positive Impact Fairy Tales Provide Children

The Positive Impact Fairy Tales Provide Children

Can you remember the first fairy tale you heard? Chances are you were probably read your first story when you were just a baby. Countless children have been entertained by iconic tales from the like of Hans Christian Andersen, The Brothers Grimm and Joseph Jacobs.

However, fairy tales offer much more than just a good bedtime story. There are many benefits to reading these tales to your children, and they can have a very positive impact on their development. Here are our top four:

  • Improve literacy development

Reading to your child regularly can help fast-track their development and letting their imagination grow through fairy tales can significantly improve their literacy development. The more they absorb these stories, the better their vocabulary and the greater their ability to express their thoughts.

  • Boost problem solving

Fairy tales often involve the main character learning an important lesson or overcoming challenges, which helps your child to relate these tales to their own life. Regularly reading these stories will help your child to overcome challenges and helps to develop their critical thinking ability.

  • Builds their emotional resilience

There are many positive impacts of fairy tales for children, but one of the most significant is that it helps develop emotional resilience. They help to gently bring in that bad things can happen, allowing them to prepare for what life has in store.

  • Establishes a moral compass

Fairy tales are a great way to help establish a strong moral compass in children and help them to understand the difference between being right and wrong. With many portraying a real moral lesson, your child can learn a lot from reading these stories.

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fairy tales teach children how to deal with basic human conflicts, desires, and relationships in a healthy way

Flicka November 04, 2020

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