Ten life lessons you can learn from the moral of The Ugly Duckling

Ten life lessons you can learn from the moral of The Ugly Duckling

Since its publication in 1843, Hans Christian Andersen’s The Ugly Duckling has been a beloved fairy tale for children around the world. The timeless story focuses on a range of issues that are as relevant today as they were when the story was first written.

There are many lessons children can learn from The Ugly Duckling, and here are ten of the biggest:

  • Some of us are late bloomers

The ugly duckling was the last egg to hatch, and the story helps showcase that we all grow and develop at different rates, and that’s OK.

  • Words can really hurt

The mean things said to the ugly duckling demonstrates the power of words and how much they can hurt people.

  •  Be compassionate

The other animals did not show any compassion, ostracising the ugly duckling because of the way he looked.

  •  Listen to your parents

Mama Duck made sure her children always followed her directions, helping to keep them safe.

  •  Choose your friends wisely

Had the ugly duckling followed the geese, he would have been hurt, so choosing the right friends is crucial.

  •  Sometimes it’s best to lay low

By staying low and keeping quiet, the duckling was able to avoid the hunters. Sometimes it’s best to remain calm and wait rather than rushing into things.

  •  Make the best of a bad situation

The ugly duckling had to make do for much of his life, despite his tough situation, but by remaining hopeful, he was able to stay happy.

  •  We all change

As the ugly duckling grew, he grew into a beautiful swan, so no matter how bad things might seem now, they will change.

  •  Put yourself in other people’s shoes

Unlike the old woman, making an effort to understand how others are feeling will help everyone to get along.

  •  Stay humble

Despite becoming a gorgeous swan, the ugly duckling remained humble and did not go back to show off to those who were mean to him.

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